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Musical partnership is more than the sum of its parts. I’ve had a wonderful time over the years playing with Hoag Kelley Pilzer, Karen Ashbrook and Paul Oorts, Maggie Sansone, and many more.

New Albums

I’m at work on three new albums: as a duo with Loretta Kelley, as a guest with Nordensong, and, in the manner of Fire & Water, a “solo” project that celebrates musical connections.

Still Resonant

Two past projects that continue to resonate for me:

Norrlandia 2007 Matt Fichtenbaum


Matt Fichtenbaum Harmony Project

I’m honored to be developing The Matt Fichtenbaum Harmony Project. Matt was an amazing person, musician, and harmonizer. Stay tuned for news this fall.

Master–Apprentice Artist Award Program

What a treat it was to work with Lara Sands as a Master–Apprentice pair in 2022/23. I’m pleased with the accompanying interview, “Fine-Tuned Listening: Andrea Hoag on the intricacies of Swedish fiddle traditions and practice.”

Polska Book

And, a book! Elizabeth Moore and I are working on a book about the polska of Sweden. In text, sheet music, and audio examples we’ll shed light on local and regional musical dialects. It’s a slow process, but full of delights.

colored pencils


Launching September 2023!

Outings/Innings, a subscription periodical of writing about travels exterior and interior, reflections on music and books, stories from my life, poems, occasional photos and music.


(Soon you’ll be able to) subscribe for emails at no charge, or you can hold and linger over paper mail at $40/year to cover my costs. In both cases I invite you to make spontaneous or planned contributions to my verksamhet — a Swedish word that means “operation, activity,” literally: activeness/effectiveness.


I love baseball for the way it goes at its own pace. The period between my dispatches will be like innings — sometimes quick, sometimes slow. I anticipate sending eighteen a year, from the top of the first to the bottom of the ninth. There may be extra innings, rain delays, occasional Home Run Derbies or mascot appearances…stay tuned!


 2021 Zoom concert: Linda Shenk, Frank Daley, Andrea Hoag
Library of Congress: Andrea Hoag & Loretta Kelley: Swedish & Norwegian Fiddling
house concert, Andrea Hoag & Rebecca Weiss
jig with harpist Haley Hewitt
two Swedish slängpolskas
a set of Québécois reels with harpist Haley Hewitt
Swedish fiddle and dance
Struttin’ with some barbecue, Dovetail Ensemble
The Devil’s Tune, Hoag Kelley Pilzer
jig set, Dovetail Ensemble
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