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Working with musicians who are learning is one of my favorite things. Whether you’re a beginner, accomplished professional, or anywhere in between, our relationship is built on respect, curiosity, and joy. I love coaching ensembles to hear each other better and discover new possibilities. I relish group workshops and the synergy they develop. And I delight in tailoring individual lessons to your interests and goals, giving you new compass points for the journey.

Little of the week’s magic would have happened without Andrea’s warmth and positive example. 

—Curtis Bohlen, Maine

Andrea playing amid butterflies

Lessons / Coaching

Contact me about lessons or coaching, either on Zoom or in person. One-time, short-term, or an extended commitment.

Learn about:

  • Harmony and accompaniment
  • Improvisation
  • Practice strategies
  • Skills for learning by ear
  • Technique
  • Theory
  • Traditions

Explore traditions and styles:

  • Swedish
  • old-time
  • Appalachian
  • Irish
  • jazz
  • Québécois
  • bluegrass
  • blues
  • …and more
Andrea teaching a group

My son was ready to give up music. … Now, instead of reminding him to practice, I have to ask him to stop so I can talk on the phone or go to bed.

—Jean Buergler, Maryland

Sample Workshops

  • Swedish music for fiddles, or for any instrument
  • improvisation
  • dance band (contra, English, Scandinavian)
  • harmony
  • I Love to Practice
  • skills for fiddle teachers
  • traditions from Dalarna
  • comparative traditions: Irish, Old-time, Québecois, Swedish

My Approach

Students will gain:

  • comfort, confidence, and skill with the instrument
  • an attitude of curiosity and open-minded problem-solving
  • an understanding of tradition and history
  • a free, playful, intelligent approach to improvising and creating
  • playing that expresses depth of feeling and an appreciation of each tune’s unique character


Producing is a natural extension of my passion for coaching and a way to employ the ear, creativity, and knowledge I’ve gained over the years. I’ve worked as producer for contra-dance band STEAM’s latest album, Hoodakai, as well as providing input on a number of Swedish and Celtic projects. Offering supportive understanding and timely challenges, as a one-time voice or full-time producer, I help you reach new ground.

I have been to many workshops given by real masters of their craft, but they are rarely as enjoyable as this one was. You gave a lot of information in small digestible pieces, in a friendly and positive way, without going too slow or too fast.

— Laurie Indenbaum, Vermont

Andrea's polska class at NFF
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